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General Information

Parental consent for School to administer medication 

Please complete the parental consent form below if your child will need medication (aside from an asthma inhaler or Epipen) during the school day.  A paper copy can be provided if needed. It is our policy to only administer medicine which has been prescribed and is necessary to be given within the school day.


Emergency Closure (including winter weather plan)

If the school closes due to bad weather, or any other reason, we will contact parents and tweet/post the information on our social media platforms as well as on the front page of our school website. 

We will also endeavour to contact local radio stations.

If it snows overnight we will make a decision by 8am.  If it starts to snow heavily during the day, and we need to close school early, we will contact asking you to collect your children as soon as possible, and make the information available on the school website. Please be assured in these circumstances all children will be looked after until they are collected.

In case we do need to contact you during school time, please make sure you always notify the school office of any change of emergency contact numbers immediately.  Thank you.

If, for any reason the school needs to close, learning will move online.


Our car park gates open at 7.00am and close at 9.00am.

In the morning parents my drive on to the school site and use the designated drop off point where pupils will be greeted by school staff or volunteers. Please note the main car park is for school staff only. In the afternoon the pedestrian gate will open at 2.55 pm and the vehicle gates will remain closed. Arrangements will be made for access to the few vehicles that have a prior agreement with the school (disabled badge holders, childminder, exceptional circumstances).

If entry is required when the gates are closed, please use the intercom. Unless urgent, please arrange to see the school office before school or after 2.45 pm to allow the school day to run smoothly. Please be aware that no parking is available for collecting children at the end of the school day. Please plan ahead and arrange to park elsewhere or walk where possible.

Be safe:

  • The yellow zigzag lines at the school entrance are there to ensure a safe walking route to school for children.  Please do not park on them in any circumstances.

Be respectful:

  • Please do not park where you are blocking a driveway - it is not reasonable to expect our neighbours to put their lives on hold twice a day to accommodate our school.  

To help with parking, we encourage the use of our school bus and lift sharing - many parents make these arrangements between themselves once they have discovered who lives where; but if you'd like help with this, please contact the school office.