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World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March 2023

As part of our World Book Day celebrations on Thursday 2nd March, this year our children will be engaging in reading and books in an exciting and novel way. They will be creating reading dens to share stories in. We really want to promote the act of reading and storytelling along with the richness of different genres and authors by encouraging our children to read to others with expression and fluency in a fun environment.

If you are able to help by sending in table cloths; sheets or curtain material to be used to cover the class tables so they can make interesting and fun reading dens it would be greatly appreciated. They can also bring in their favourite book and torches to read in the dens and share with their class. Reading tokens are being sent out with your children this week.

We look forward to you joining in the World Book Day celebrations.

Kind regards, Miss Killackey Reading Lead