Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a breakfast club?
Do you have a reward system? Do you have teams or houses?
Do you have a school nurse?
Do you participate in a milk scheme within the school and what is the cost if you do?
How can I be more involved with “The Friends”?
How can I contact “The Friends” committee?
How long is the school day?
I have an idea for an event for 'The Friends' that I would love to see run, what can I do?
What after school clubs are available and for what ages?
What are the drop-off and pick-up procedures?
What do I do if my child is late for school?
What educational visits do the children take part in and are there any residential visits?
What food is available at breaktime and lunch?
What should I do if my child will be absent from school (due to sickness/family problems/hospital appointment etc.)?
What time does school start?
Who are “The Friends”?
Who do we contact if we have a problem?