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By law all schools have to include the following statutory information on their websites. If you require any further information about any item, or a paper copy of any document, please contact the school.

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Admission Arrangements

Admissions Procedure
Policy for Admissions 2017-18

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Exam and Assessment Results

End of Year Assessments 2017

School Curriculum Information
The new national curriculum is being implemented by every school from September 2014.  Curriculum maps for each year group can be found below.  These curriculum maps will inform you of the knowledge, skills and understanding your children will acquire in each year group.

Year 1 Curriculum Plan

Year 2 Curriculum Plan

Year 3 Curriculum Plan

Year 4 Curriculum Plan

Year 5 Curriculum Plan

Year 6 Curriculum Plan

St Francis Catholic Primary School English Curriculum

Reading Scheme KS1

Home School Agreement

Pupil Premium